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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you can read more about today's earthquakes and tell us what it felt like to you. go to and search quake. >> we have a developing story tonight. they are hoping it's just a hoax. some east bay parents are not there and being swarmed with security because of a threatening message. >> this afternoon we received a threatening letter via fax from an unidentifiable individual indicating they would shoot students at concord high school
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tomorrow morning. we take any threats seriously and above all we want to maintain safe campus for all students. >> that was the automated message sent to parents by the school's principal. police were notified immediately and are investigating the threat. nearby el dorado middle school and westwood elementary school will be guarded. this is the third school threat in just week. >> i'm not bringing any of my kids to school tomorrow whatsoever. i don't want anything to happen to them. >> i think it's a hoax. some of the kids are playing jokes and they are taking it too far. >> the recent threat started last thursday when a threatening e-mail was sent to alhambra high in martinez. that was a hoax. then a fifth grader in walnut creek received a racist death threat. that threat is still under investigation. libyan leader moammar gadhafi's life came to a violent end today, pulled from the sewer
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pipe in sirte by an angry mob. the video we are about to show is graphic. he lived by the sword and died by the sword. the mob bloodied him before shooting him in the head. this is home video that shows the former president alive. moments later you see his lifeless body. they are exacting vengeance for the many deaths he inflicted on his people. those deaths not just in his own country, but some here where brutality was also felt. in san francisco, for the families that suffered that loss, comfort or just acceptance tonight? >> reporter: in the past, gadhafi's regime took penalty for the bombing of pan am flight 103. two local men died in the plane crash 23 years ago and tonight loved ones told me his death doesn't provide much closure. >> a sad thing.
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heart wrenching. >> flight attendant paul garrett was not supposed to be on flight 103, but family friend william mcmichael who lived less than a mile from his home in millbrae said at the last moment, the 41-year-old switched schedules to help out a coworker. >> he was going to retire when the flight came into new york city and fly to paris and he and his wife were going to open a clothing store in paris. >> another resident, barry valentino jr. who worked as an artist in san francisco also decided to change his plans to stay an extra day to keep his sister company in london. he too boarded that fateful flight 23 years ago. >> at first we heard a plane had gone down. i think somebody realized that barry might have been on the plane. >> the plane exploded minutes after taking off from london's heathrow airport on december 21st, 1988.
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all 243 passengers and 16 crew members including garrett and valentino died. >> everybody was in shock because somebody we knew was on it and shock that it's happened at all. >> in 2003, libya formally took responsibility for the bombing, but speaking to nbc bay area from pennsylvania, valentino's father said the death of libyan leader moammar gadhafi doesn't provide much closure to his family? >> closure? no, i have none whatsoever. >> here believes there others involved who worked at the highest levels of the gadhafi regime who sanctioned, planned, and executed the plot and were acquitted or released. >> you know the guy who bombed the plane and blew up my son is walking around a free man. how can you have closure? >> valentino's father hoped that libya's new government reopened
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the investigation into the deadly plane crash. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> up next, earthquake coverage continues. we will go back out live to the east bay where the hayward fault is a ticking time bomb and why cows working nonstop to try to beat the clock. dramatic 911 tapes after the deadly workplace shooting in cupertino. hear what happened seconds after the gunfire. >> steve jobs's secret regret. the decision he made despite his family and friends's advice. >> i'm jeff ranieri. warming today in the east and the south bay with plenty of mid-and upper 70s. san francisco in the low 60s with the fog that is going to be coming back tonight and low clouds in the south bay. we afteingrsho aftershocks in the weather center. details in minutes. ck
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back to the top story with the earthquake and aftershocks rattling the bay area. >> the area is overdue for a major earthquake. the hayward fault runs from san jose right through berkeley.
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we want to go back to cheryl herd who is in berkeley for us tonight and the way this is classified, anything under a 5.0 is credit minor with minor damage. with the fact that it happened so many times tonight, what are the experts saying? >> reporter: they are really concerned because this retro fight project is a big deal. it's no secret that the hayward fault runs from goal post to goal post. this stadium is old built back in 1923. with all this shaking going on, a lot of folks are really concerned. >> the 1868 earthquake was large. in fact it was called the great san francisco earthquake because it did damage throughout the bay area. >> the 1868 quake estimated around 7.0 occurred on the hayward fault. scientists say historically that fault experiences a major quake every 140 years. that milestone was reached and
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passed in 2008. >> one usgs scientist called the hayward fault a ticking time bomb. >> a time bomb that poses serious impact and that could be uc berkeley's toughest opponent. the hayward fault runs underneath memorial stadium. it is the oldest stadium in the bay area and as we speak it's been closed for retro fitting. not all blemishes will be removed. cal is keeping this reminder of the hayward fault, a crack that runs right through the stadium. with all this concern, experts will be at the stadium to make sure there is no damage there. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd. >> 25 lives lost and 3500 homes destroyed. a natural disaster burned to the memory of anyone who endured the firestorm of 91, 20 years ago
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tonight. officer wendy ray and geno guerrero went back to the site where their friend and fellow officer died. he helped rescue dozens from the burning oakland hills fire. he lost his own in the process. actually shielding a child from flame with his own body. his colleague said memories of the day are vivid and their friend's heroism can never be extinguished. >> a hero perished here. a great man. 25 people perish and they were all good people. john was my friend. >> time has gone 20 years. i think about how he is probably looking downright now. probably saying you guys behave yourself and be careful. >> he left a wife and three young children. children who are now grown ups. they are doing well and we understand still living in the
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bay area. >> soon after the gunshots came the phone calls and the calls were chilling. we are hearing tonight the 911 tapes from inside the cupertino quarry shooting on october 5th. a disgruntled employee terrorizing his colleagues. here's damian trujillo. >> emergency services, what are you reporting? >> i have to report a shooting. >> the next few minutes were chilling between the wounded men at the kwary and the 911 dispatchers. >> there is eight of us and three are dying, just laying there. >> another caller described the weapons. >> he got like a rifle and a hand gun. people are dying right now. >> okay, sir, can you get to any of the people. >> there is one right here. he is wounded. >> five calls were made to 911 the morning of october 5th. they began coming in at 4:27 a.m. >> having a safety meeting and
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one guy went postal and pulled out an ak-47. >> this caller began to get frustrated. >> do you guys have any towels or cloth? >> no. i mean there is blood all over. no cloth is going to stop what's going on right here. have you seen a massacre? that's what it looks like. >> the frustration escalated when he didn't see an ambulance. >> these people are dieing and yelling. what do you do? >> sir, i understand that you guys have been through something very severe. i totally understand, but you are saying these people are dying and i'm trying to tell you if there is any help that we can give them. >> the fastest you can get an ambulance here. >> this is 911. >> days after the shooting, we spoke 911 with the shop steward. he not only heard the chaos, he was a part of it. >> what's it like to see a dying man?
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>> it's hard. it's hard especially after so many years with them. >> i know it may seem like a long time, but we are getting there as fast as we can, okay? >> nbc bay area news. you ready for the end of the world? it's happening again tomorrow. the reverend is predicting the end of the world. if your affairs are not in order, it's probably too late. tomorrow is judgment day. the millionaire preacher who runs the family radio network said the rapture on may 11th, 2011 did come through, but it was a silent rapture. the world will end silently tomorrow morning. he is 90 years old and suffered a stroke after his previous prediction that didn't pan out. >> new revelations about the legendary leader of apple, steve jobs. his biography comes out on minute, but we have excerpts
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tonight about a lifetime skeptic who gave up religion, named his company on a fruit and vegetable diet and discloses perhaps his biggest regret. he revealed to the author he delayed medical treatment of his rare cancer by nine months in favor of holistic methods. he agreed to have a tumor removed in 2004. the delay may have cost him his life. we talked to a bay area doctor about treating cancer with holistic methods. >> this is a rare type of pancreatic cancer. this is not something -- steve jobs was not my patient, but this is not something i recommend to go for exotic diets or fruit juice or something like that that to attack the tumor. >> steve jobs's biography is a best sell or many lists due to so many preorders. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri and people are reactioning to the earthquake. >> quite a bit on facebook.
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a lot of people logged on to share comments. the strongest today was a 4.0. a lot of you describing something that felt stronger. working in oakland at the kaiser building saying she was up on the 23rd floor and even heard the walls cracking as the building rolled. this was something that was a big reminder at the big american shake out day. 100% of an earthquake happening somewhere in the world each and every day. have the earthquake kits ready. the most recent and strongest was at 3.8 at 8:16 p.m. head to nbc bay area to give us your feedback. this fault has the greatest probability of a 6.7 magnitude or greater quake happening by 2032. the greatest and highest probability out of all the fault lines. as we have been mentioning, this
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is one of the fault lines that we will be continually watching and also researching with the usgs. number diagnosis pop up. despite the low visibility we had, we saw the numbers ticking up. for tomorrow morning, we will have the patchy fog and low cloud cover, but we expect the numbers to go up more. my seven-day forcast and eventually we will have the concern here with fire winds that do look to develop. we have a storm system, but it's the same story we have seen for the past two weeks. the system is heading off to the north taking the cold air and the rainfall with it. for us this weekend, it will be about high pressure building in and that will warm us up over 48 hours. tomorrow we will keep it in the 70s, but by this weekend, we are talking 80s and 70s at the beaches. it could be the last run to head
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out to the beach and soak in a little bit of sunshine. fog for the coast and by the noon hour, winds look to shift more to an offshore direction. as far as tomorrow, look at the numbers. close to 80 in gilroy and on the cooler side for san francisco with 66. our numbers overall tomorrow to start as well in the low to mid 50s. on your seven-day forecast, we have those low to mid 80s for saturday and sunday inland and at the coastline, 70s with beach weather and the concern comes by monday, tuesday, and wednesday with offshore winds that could be strong enough to prompt fire warnings. that's something we need to watch for. >> beach weather, we like it. up next, the 411 on the 408 the 669. the new area code in the south bay. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney we're giving you
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. >> move over, 408. here comes the 669. a second area skoed accommodating the growing population. california approved the 669 area code overlay. this is the way it will work. current customers will not be required to change your television number, but you will change in six months when you call any number within the 408 area code, you have to dial 408
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and the phone number. even if they live next door. the new code will be for new customer who is move into the area. >> 669. a wildrbinack g mystery.heseries with the quter mystery.e damon andrews joins us next. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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they say everything is big in texas and game two of the world series, the texas rangers proved just that. they were in a position to go down 2-1 to st. louis if they could not shuffle the cards. they did in a texas-sized come back effort. cardinals lead hosting the rangers. bottom of the fifth, rafael furcal and lock at the flip to second for the out. top of the ninth, michael young sacrifice fly to center and andrus scores on the play to take the lead, 2-1. he gets furcal to fly out to right to end the game and the rangers win to even up the series at 1-1. the football, the raiders host the chiefs and who will lead the welcoming committee.
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the new quarterback reportedly will start for the raiders and however the coach is putting on his poker face, leading fans to media and the chiefs guessing who will lineup on the center. >> this is about putting our team in the best situation to win. at the end of the day, that's what this will be about. i laugh at the reports that he is starting. they made all the decisions for me. thank you. i appreciate it. >> football is football. the terminology is different from team to team. some teams have similarities in terminology, but football is football at the end of the day. >> 30 hours of negotiations before a federal mediator and absolutely nothing to show for it. nba owners and the player's union are not speaking at all. threatening more regular season games. they missed the session with the flu. that could be a sign as the lock out is making everyone sick. >> it's not a very happy day for
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us. we have intended from the beginning of the process to get back on the court as soon as possible and try to bring this thing to a resolution. we are saddened by the fact that we have to say the things we are going to say. they are related to the talks breaking off. >> did you see this? thursday night football or foot brawl. a streaker ran on to the field not to mention it was 42-7, arizona. the streaker didn't make much and the huge brawl went on. two players were ejected and really that was it. the first hoops were out and the golden bears of cal sneak in with the 24th ranked team. that will do it for sports. ba to >> thanks, david. >> back in a moment.
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>> one of oakland's most famous sons. he's a rapper. stanley burrell or mc hammer, i think it's just hammer now. he is announcing an engineer and
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he said his search engine will offer better deep search results from google and bing. hammer going after the big boys. they are in the testing phase, but encouraging people to sign up to test the site before the december launch. >> can't touch that. >> hammer and the wire do. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. from "up all night," [ cheers and applause ]


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